Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Prior Place Sanatorium, Camberley

Prior Place Sanatorium, Camberley, Surrey, was aquired in January 1941 as a country branch of the London Chest Hospital. I can't seem to find a photograph of it but if anyone does have any photos I'd be grateful to see them. Similarly, if anyone was a patient there during the war or is the descendant of a relative who was there, I'd like to hear from you because there are now very few remaining archives. I'm also interested in discovering more about the (illicit) use of Tuberculomucin at Prior Place where staff nurse Marianne Hartstein successfully treated some patients. Marianne worked at Prior Place from 4 February 1941 to 31 July 1943. Her daughter, Charlotte recalls her mother talking about treating a very sick patient named Dr Smith, who she thinks was a physicist. There are only three remaining books of patient case records from this period of the London Chest Hospital and Dr Smith does not appear in any of them but I suspect that Prior Place kept its own records separately and these have not survived.